Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Concentrated Even Skin Tone Serum


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Internationally award-winning, Skin Reset is 100% clean and natural, but doesn't compromise the highest of performance. It's independently proven* to outperform cosmeceuticals and the most advanced and luxurious products in the world. That's why it's been named the best natural serum internationally.**

Skin Reset has reached cult status for its performance in evening skin tone from hyperpigmentation and delivering transformative results to the skin. It returns skin's clarity, evenness and delivers a phenomenal level of glow and hydration.

Skin Reset's unprecedented performance stems from 5 years of scientific research, to discover the most innovative and potent combination of 24 high performing natural ingredients from around the globe.

Our potent, proprietary concentration is 2 to 4 times higher than other products and includes innovative plant stem cells, phytonutrients, strengthening phytoceramides, omegas, fatty acids, and 12 sources of brightening vitamins (including Vitamin C) to repair, prevent, and even the skin. Delivering more results than ever before.

*Independent Scientific in vivo testing 2018 & in vitro testing 2019

**Think Dirty Best Serum 2019

I founded Emma Lewisham with a single purpose - to make a meaningful difference in the beauty industry.
For me, achieving a meaningful difference means setting a new standard in skincare; proving that luxurious, high performing skincare doesn’t have to come at a compromise to people or the planet.

The seeds of Emma Lewisham were sown when I uncovered an ugly truth, a product (hydroquinone) I had been using for a personal skin issue, although effective, was highly toxic and banned in many countries. I was compromising my health, for beauty and results.

Further research into this product led me to uncover how unregulated the beauty industry is and how the majority of countries globally are lagging behind with their banned ingredients list, despite credible research proving their link to human health.

I went looking to replace this product with a natural and clean alternative, with efficacious and evidence-backed results - only to find it didn't exist. I was used to investing in high-performance, premium cremes and serums. Suddenly I found myself at organic health shops trying to find a natural equivalent, and I had the realisation that these products were not going to deliver the results I was used to.

I decided to be the change I wanted to see in the beauty industry. I took on the challenge to build an ambitious brand that could prove it was wholeheartedly possible to produce 100% clean, naturally derived products that would be as effective, if not more so, than anything in the world. I wanted to prove to women they didn't have to compromise their health for beauty, or natural for high performance.

I built a team around me to concept the product, including three of the very best biochemists in the country. Together, we spent years researching, sourcing and testing the most potent and proven natural ingredients from around the globe, including the latest science and innovations in the green skincare space. We developed our product line from scratch and approached natural skincare differently. We wouldn't compromise with using the synthetic preservative commonly used by natural brands in the industry, so spent 6 months cracking the natural preservative code. Instead of using 2-3 hero ingredients, we use up to 30 high performing natural ingredients at high concentrations. We focus on quality and efficacy first and cost last - natural ingredients can be up to 16 times more expensive than synthetic ingredients, but this is the investment we make.

We source and offer our customers 100% clean products (based on independent authority EWG's Skin Deep Database) containing ethically sourced ingredients. Emma Lewisham has banned over 1,400 ingredients that are deemed to be deleterious, or potentially harmful or irritating to the skin.

After three years we launched our first line up of products that were 100% clean, while being simultaneously highly efficacious, with evidence based results which rivalled the most recognised traditional brands in the world.

I wanted to make luxurious, high performing products that people didn’t have to compromise their health for. This care for people extends to the people involved in our supply chain and the planet.

We believe that ‘luxury,’ ‘sustainable,’ and ‘natural’ products don’t have to require a contradiction in terms. We are paving a new sustainable way in our business. We want to be the brand that inspires and gives you hope that there is a better way.

I am now on a mission to make a meaningful difference to people's health and the planet and bring about, a truly beautiful beauty industry.

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