Registry Terms and Conditions


  1. Introduction
    1. The Website is owned and operated by Ballantynes to make the wedding registry process easier for you.
    2. By using the Website you agree to and accept the Wedding Registry Terms and Conditions as well as the Terms and Conditions of the Ballantynes website,
    3. If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please contact Ballantynes.
  2. Interpretation
    1. “Ballantynes” means J Ballantyne & Company Ltd (company incorporation number 120724);
    2. “Purchaser” means a Purchaser using this Website to purchase gifts;
    3. “Registered Couple” means the couple creating the wedding registry and for whom the gifts may be purchased;
    4. “RRP” means recommended retail price;
    5. “Website” means and includes but is not limited to its materials, designs and images;
    6. “Christchurch Delivery Area” is based on the Postcode boundaries defined by NZ Post as 'Christchurch City' and includes the region bounded by the Waimakariri River to the north, Templeton to the west, south-east to Governor's Bay (and Diamond Harbour) and north along the coast through Lyttleton and Sumner back to the Waimakariri.
  3. Registry and Closure
    1. Appointment of Ballantynes: By accepting these terms and conditions the Registered Couple appoints and authorises Ballantynes exclusively to operate and manage a wedding gift registry for the Registered Couple.
    2. Closure of registry: A register will be open for 2 weeks after the wedding date. At this point, it will then be closed.
    3. Once a register is closed, any unsold items will be returned to stock and no longer held for that register.
  4. Pricing
    1. Ballantynes reserves the right to adjust any of the prices on the Website without prior notification.
  5. Buy Now
    1. Products listed on this website may be purchased for immediate delivery to the Purchaser or to such person as the Purchaser nominates.
    2. Products will be delivered within 10 days of receipt from supplier at the delivery charges set out in clause 6.b (but subject to Ballantynes’ right to vary such charges as necessary). If an incorrect delivery address is supplied, Ballantynes may charge the Purchaser the costs associated with any re-delivery.
  6. Delivery and service charges
    1. If Ballantynes is delivering the registry goods, the first delivery will be free of charge if within the Christchurch Delivery Area (as defined in 2.f above.) Ballantynes does reserve the right to charge for reasonable costs incurred for additional deliveries and any deliveries made by the company outside of the Christchurch Delivery Area, including rural delivery.
    2. The Purchaser may choose to have their gift(s) couriered to themselves. This will be at the current delivery rate and terms and conditions as per the Website's delivery policy and rates.
    3. For wedding registries, Ballantynes will not deliver the purchased gifts until the Registered Couple have nominated a delivery address and delivery time.
    4. The Registered Couple may elect to personally pick up their gifts from the Gift Registry, Lower Ground Floor, Ballantynes Christchurch. In this instance, no delivery charge will be payable.
    5. If the Registered Couple provide an incorrect delivery address, Ballantynes may charge the Registered Couple the costs associated with any re-delivery.
    6. Ballantynes reserves the right to vary its delivery charges as necessary.
  7. Payments
    1. Payments for all goods and services (including delivery), ordered through this website must be made, at the time an order is placed, by any of the payment options provided, including credit or debit card, Ballantynes Gift Card or on Ballantynes account.
  8. Ownership and Insurance
    1. Ballantynes will retain liability of all gifts until actually delivered to the recipient.
    2. If any gifts purchased are damaged, destroyed, or stolen whilst held by Ballantynes, then its liability to the Purchaser will be equal to the amount paid by the Purchaser in respect of such gift.
  9. Orders, exchanges and returns
    1. Ballantynes will not accept orders if authorisation for the payment is not available, or if there is a significant pricing or product description error.
    2. If the Registered Couple select a gift to which Purchasers may contribute and the full monetary amount for the gift is not received then the Registered Couple will be given a Ballantynes gift card equivalent to the amount paid by the Purchasers.
    3. Gifts will only be replaced or exchanged by Ballantynes if they are faulty or damaged and only if notified to Ballantynes in writing within 30 days of delivery.
    4. If a Registered Couple receives a duplicate gift as a result of it being purchased by someone elsewhere, Ballantynes will not be obliged to exchange the duplicate gift.
    5. Any gift that may need replacing due to fault or damage will be replaced or exchanged with the same or similar product, or with a Ballantynes gift card for the same purchase price as the damaged gift.
    6. Ballantynes will have no obligation to replace any gift or provide any refund except in accordance with this clause.
  10. Discontinued gifts
    1. All gifts listed on the Website are an indication of their availability at the time. Gifts chosen by the Registered Couple for their wedding registry may become unavailable, but all efforts will be made to supply the requested items.
  11. Cancelled weddings
    1. Should a wedding be cancelled, the Registered Couple must immediately notify Ballantynes in writing to confirm that their wedding registry should be closed. Please note – it is the Registered Couples responsibility to notify guests of the cancellation and not Ballantynes.
    2. Purchasers who have purchased gifts from the Registered Couple’s wedding registry will have the choice of either accepting a refund of the purchase price paid, or may choose to keep the gift paid for and nominate an alternative address to have that gift delivered to. If a Purchaser chooses to have the gift delivered, Ballantynes may charge an additional reasonable delivery charge depending on the nominated delivery address. This is the only circumstance where a refund will be offered by Ballantynes.
    3. The Registered Couple are jointly and severally liable to Ballantynes.
  12. Limitation of liability
    1. To the extent that Ballantynes is, or may be liable in relation to any services or gifts ordered or purchased at Ballantynes, Ballantynes’ liability is limited at its discretion to either a refund, replacement or repair of the gift, or to a re-supply of the service. All claims for any indirect or consequential loss or damages are excluded, and in no circumstance will Ballantynes be liable in excess of any amount paid for any gift on the Website.
    2. Warranty, service and support of gifts are provided directly by the manufacturer of the gift. Subject to any rights which may not be excluded or limited, Ballantynes makes no representations or warranties regarding any gifts.